We specialize in commercial photography for St. Louis, Missouri.  We create a broad variety of business images for use in promotional materials.

The main focus of our work is creating photographic images intended for print and the web. Our images are used worldwide in brochures, magazines, catalogs, tradeshows, annual reports, and websites.

st louis commercial photographers studio

st louis commercial photographers studio

We shoot at your locations or in our very own studio located in South County, convenient to I-270 and I-55.  We have a cyclorama wall and a full size green screen.

Our main purpose is to produce images that will make money for your business.  Whether it’s presenting your product to the world or introducing your services to a local market, our attention to the creative details of your project is what separates us from other photographers.

St. Louis Commercial Photographers
Mike Haller
10812 Arnett Drive 63123
St Louis, Missouri, USA | Photography services

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