Business Headshots Portraits St Louis
A professional headshot or executive portrait is an essential marketing tool that will present you in the best possible light.  We provide high quality business portrait headshots for large companies as well as small one-person businesses. The photography can be done at your location or in our studio. If your company needs several headshots or executive portraits then it is most cost effective and easier for you if I come to your business location and I can photograph from four to hundreds of associates.

For a smaller number of headshots, we can schedule your people to come to my portrait studio.   Later you can schedule new employees to come to my headshot studio, and I will make the new headshot match the style of the ones we took earlier.

Think About the Image You Want to Project

If you want to project yourself as being conservative, friendly, artsy or approachable, they key is to dress accordingly. When in doubt, it’s hard to go wrong with professional business attire.

For a traditional, conservative business portrait

We suggest avoiding extremes – no all-black or all-white ensembles. Deep colors, such as navy blue, gray and brown, are great jacket choices. Best of all, deep colors are slimming too.

st louis business headshots

st louis business headshots

Busy patterns can be bad, whether it’s jacket, shirt or tie.  Avoid patterns and overly-bright colors. Anything that distracts the viewer is a bad idea, so that means avoiding flashy jewelry too.

Men wearing ties.  It’s hard to go wrong with a solid color or simple striped tie in red or blue.  A minimal pattern will always look better than a busy tie.

For dress shirts, avoid bright white if possible.  A little color, or at least an off white shirt, is best.

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