Since commercial photography is closely related to sales or running a company, it is one of the highly influential parts of a business.

Commercial photography is an area of photography that involves the creation of original photographs as stock images or promotional material for a product, service, or business. Many companies rely on commercial photographers to create high-quality images for their websites, brochures, social media sites, and more. Commercial photography is the process of creating pictures that can be used for trade or advertising. These photos may feature the products in action, be posed by models in clothing from a company’s new line, or show the business itself with professional lighting.

Setting up a new product for a photography shoot in the studio
Setting up a new product for a photography shoot in the studio

What Does a Commercial Photographer Do?
A commercial photographer’s job is to create visual content that promotes a business or product. These images are often used in advertisements, websites, brochures, social media posts and more. Some commercial photographers may also shoot product photography where they photograph items for sale. Depending on the assignment, commercial photographers may be asked to create images that showcase the product in action or images of the product itself. Commercial photographers may have a background in photography, but they may be skilled in other areas as well, such as art direction, lighting, styling, and editing. Commercial photographers, like all types of photographers, need to be able to work creatively and have the technical skills to create high-quality images.

Types of Commercial Photographers
There are many types of commercial photographers. Some common types of commercial photographers include: Advertising – Creates images for advertisements for companies, including product and service advertisements that appear in newspapers, magazines, television, and online. Artistic – Creates images that are more artistic and evoke emotion. This type of commercial photographer works with models and art directors to create imagery that is creative and inspiring. Editorial – Creates images that portray a story or message and are used in magazines, newspapers, and online. Editorial commercial photographers may also create content for branding and commercial use. Product – Creates images of items for sale, such as clothing, furniture, or appliances. Stock – Creates images that are generic and can be used for multiple purposes. Stock commercial photographers often shoot with a wide-angle lens so that their images can be used for a variety of products.

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Photographer
A commercial photographer can help your business create and publish images that are visually appealing and help promote your brand. Some benefits of hiring a commercial photographer include: – Having images for social media that get you more likes and engagement – Having images you can use in your marketing materials – Having images for your website that are high quality – Having images for advertisements that can help you stand out from your competitors By hiring a commercial photographer, you can have access to high-quality images that can help you attract potential customers, sell products, and engage your audience. You can also hire a commercial photographer to create images that you can use in your own portfolio.

Properly controlled lighting is essential for creating great commercial photos
Properly controlled lighting is essential for creating great commercial photos

Commercial photography is an important part of a business. Call on us! We help companies promote themselves, sell their products, and engage with their audience. We create images that are used to sell products, engage a brand’s audience, or showcase company assets. We can help your business create visual content that makes an impact. From images that showcase the product in action to images of the product itself, we can create high-quality images that help you get noticed.

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