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St Louis Commercial Photographers

Product Photography Tips

Your photo shoots you may find yourself developing an appetite for advanced tools and other photo instruments.

Production Design

The set of your dreams begins empty – production design is crucial. If the images will be shot in a studio, the set may have to be built and all the props added. If the images will be captured on location, props still may need to be brought in, or at the very least, the location will have to be tidied up a bit.

Editing Is Important

Taking a shot is often just the beginning, next comes the editing and the touch ups. As you prepare images for your site, make sure they are approximately the same size. Choose 1-3 different sizes from large to medium and small. Edit your photos to fit one of the preselected sizes so that you won’t have too much variation.


Mike Haller

4501 Mattis Road 63128

St Louis Photographer

St Louis, Missouri, USA  | Photography services


St Louis Commercial Photographers

St Louis Commercial Photographers

Our team brings detailed attention to light within our creative field of photography. We shoot architecture, products, business portraits and corporate photography.

Our customers include advertising & design agencies, in house marketing & advertising departments, magazines & publishers, catalogs, manufacturers, designers and corporations, both very large and very small.

We are control freaks around here. We control light, composition, styling and art direction. Our photographers recognize the fine line between exerting too much control and allowing a picture to unfold naturally.

The video contains images from a recent commercial photography session for a mid-sized metal fabricator in downtown Saint Louis. Lighting in all plants is often a challenge, but we have all the necessary lighting equipment to get you the best images available.

Mike Haller
10812 Arnett Drive 63123
St Louis Commercial Photographer
St Louis, Missouri, USA | Photography services