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Professional Product Photography for Businesses: Capture Unforgettable Visuals in Our Studio!

Professional product photography is essential for business success in the digital age. We specialize in creating high-quality visuals that make your products stand out from the competition. Our studio is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to capture the perfect images. With our help, you can create unforgettable visuals that will increase sales and build customer loyalty.

Pay attention to each and every detail when taking product photos.

Reasons Why Professional Product Photography is Essential for Your Brand

Professional product photography has become an essential part of any brand’s marketing strategy. High-quality product images not only attract customers but also convey the values behind your brand. Here are 6 reasons your brand needs professional product photography:

1. Quality Reflects Your Brand Image: Professional product photography can be considered a long-term investment to get your business recognized. Quality photos communicate your business to your customer as professional, valued, creative and innovative.

2. Builds Your Brand: Putting up professionally shot branded product photos consistently on your social media channels over months helps build your brand and communicate your values to your customers.

3. Helps Customers Visualize Products: Product photos are designed to help potential customers visualize what they’re getting. After all, online shoppers can’t physically touch a product before buying it.

4. Photos are a Key Part of Purchasing Decisions: Images have a special capability to build first impressions because we are naturally visual-oriented creatures. The image does speak louder than words, proved by the statistic that says 93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be a key deciding factor in a purchasing decision.

5. Makes Your Products Stand Out: Professional product photography makes your products stand out from the competition. Quality photos will make your products more eye-catching and appealing to potential customers.

6. Increases Conversion Rate: Showcasing high-quality product photography images on your website or social media pages increases the chance of high sales. Professional product photography creates a moment of truth as to whether your customer will continue browsing your product and eventually make a purchase.

Paying Attention to Details

When it comes to professional product photography, paying attention to details is essential. In order to capture unforgettable visuals in our studio, we must ensure that each and every aspect of the product being photographed is highlighted. This includes things like shadows, reflections, lighting, angles, and even the background.

It is also important to consider charging hourly rates for product photography. An amateur photographer may charge anywhere from $25 to $120 per hour, while a professional product photographer can charge from $100 to $150. This rate should be determined based on the complexity of the shoot, the quality of the images, and the experience of the photographer.

Our studio is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to capture the perfect images. With our help, you can create unforgettable visuals that will increase sales and build customer loyalty.
Our studio is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to capture the perfect images. With our help, you can create unforgettable visuals that will increase sales and build customer loyalty.

Product photography has become an integral part of the e-Commerce industry and is projected to gain more popularity in the coming years. It helps to increase brand awareness and drive consumer attention to products, which in turn helps to boost sales. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to each and every detail when taking product photos. By doing so, businesses can maximize their return on investment and make sure their products stand out from the competition.

Preparing Your Products for Photography

In preparation for professional product photography, it is important to take the time to properly prep your products. This could involve creating inspired ideas and a shot list, preparing the products, sourcing props and backgrounds, and ensuring that you have enough of each item plus some spares in perfect condition. Before the day of the shoot, make sure that the products are clean, new and in peak condition. If you find any issues, you should still have time to replace them. If you are taking group shots or multiples, ensure that you have enough of each prepared so you don’t waste time during the shoot. Furthermore, it is important to listen to your photographer’s ideas and suggestions as they are a professional and may have some great ideas of their own. Taking the time to properly prepare your products will lead to better quality content, consistency and saves time and money.

Mike Haller

St Louis Photographers for Commercial Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations.

It’s great to collaborate with institutions as a commercial photographer. Using authentic images, I produce compelling creative images that resonate with the public.

My commercial photography in St. Louis mainly consists of shooting for academic institutions and local companies. From simple headshots for public relations materials to entire image libraries, I’m able to handle a wide range of assignments.

St Louis medical marketing photographers

I also make video advertisements and raw footage for social media posts. I enjoy summarizing researchers’ ideas into short videos to make them accessible.

I specialize in product, organization, and corporate photography. I have been able to spread science-based companies’ narratives across the world. I frequently photograph in their labs and offices, but I enjoy meeting the end-users and demonstrating how their research alters lives. Because of my experience working with people outside of the studio, I have learned patience and language skills.

Industrial marketing and advertising photographers

When clients in St. Louis need industrial photography, the first thing we do is identify their objectives. I enjoy capturing their manufacturing processes in a neat and professional manner. Usually, we collaborate to create a library of photographs for future advertisements and social media posts.

Around St. Louis, many organizations and universities require a portrait photographer. I can photograph people on location or in my studio. My local knowledge, experience, and technical flexibility allow me to create narrative portraits in any environment.

St Louis science-based marketing imagery

Creating a single “hero” image or a library of hundreds of photographs is included in corporate photography projects. I’d be happy to discuss how to integrate your vision into your budget if you know what you need.

Pricing for commercial photography is determined by three variables: the quantity of photos taken, the range of usage rights granted, and the complexity of the shoot.

Mike Haller

Advertising Photographers | We Make Products And Services Stand Out

Full Service B2B Photography & Video.

We offer commercial photography for all your marketing, advertising, PR, sales and social media needs.

We have the resources, man power and experience to handle photography projects of any size and complexity.

Our photography is focused on the unique needs of corporations, manufacturers, advertising agencies, design firms, marketing and branding firms and construction companies that rely on high quality photography and specific commercial photographer skills.

We are a business-to-business photography company. We concentrate our skills and resources the needs of businesses that include architectural photography, marketing/advertising photography, corporate event / tradeshow photography, product photography and corporate headshots.

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Covid Safe Photography in St Louis

– CDC approved supplies and cleaning agents
Photography studio will be equipped with the CDC approved supplies and cleaning agents such as gloves, hand sanitizer, standard cleaning supplies, and disinfectants.

– Photography session schedule
Photo sessions will be limited to one photoshoot per day and will be held on strict appointment times.

– Routine environmental cleaning
Fewer photo sessions and scheduling will allow sufficient time to sanitize photographic equipment, all hard surfaces and common areas after each photography session. Only one client will be allowed in studio facilities at any given time. If the photography session is held on location minimal people will be allowed and staged in the immediate area.

– Studio ventilation
Photography studio is very well ventilated. It has two separate powerful industrial ventilation systems that were installed and used by previous tenants. Automatic ventilation system will be left ON during and 6 hour after each photo session.

– Accessibility
Photography studio is accessible directly from the parking lot. Just park and walk right in. It’s important to note, that photography studio is located in industrial block of town, and normally has minimal foot traffic.

Covid safe photographer

Whether you’re a just one person business, small startup or nationwide corporation, chances are you’re always looking quality commercial photography. We can help with personal and corporate websites, advertising, business social media pages, marketing materials, etc. Also, when photographing, depending on what client needs, accent could be placed on variety of things: people, products, lifestyle, architectural, landscapes, aerial photography, and more.

Mike Haller

Experienced event photographers with all the latest gear.

It’s one thing to know how to use a camera, get the right lighting, and add the finishing touches by editing. It’s another for us to be able to shoot the event’s greatest memories and pretty much go unseen.

Great Communication and a Strong Work Ethic
Just give us an estimate of how many people will be attending and a list of the key things happening throughout the event.

High Quality, Beautiful Photos
The better an event is executed, the better the photos tend to turn out, too.

This is partly because guests are truly able to enjoy themselves and because everything goes according to plan.

Between having the best cameras, tripods, high-end lens, every photo is sure to turn out top-notch.

Event photography with aerial and ground photo crews

Creative Angles and Captures
In addition to the high-resolution of each photo, you can trust there will be unique, memorable moments that will last a lifetime.

in the room and to highlight all the unique details.

Great Event Photos Double as Advertising Opportunities for much of social media.
Between the quality of each photo and the great content the images display, you have so many possibilities of what you can do with our final product. Use them right away in a follow-up blog from the event or a social media recap.

If you’re already putting so much effort into a great event with delicious catering and fun entertainment, you have to make those moments memorable. Use our professional event photography to capture them.

Mike Haller

St Louis Commercial Photographers – Products, Events & Portraits

Our dynamic and properly executed photographs mean the difference between average and outstanding; between performing and outperforming.

Showcasing beautiful, powerful, professional images can truly bring a product or service to life, and with the tools and talent we have at our disposal there is no limit to your imagination or what we can achieve together.

Mike Haller

St Louis Commercial Photographers

Our goal is to have fun and be challenged to create compelling visual content that furthers our ability to impact our community, increases our skills, and grows our production, photography and film businesses.

From global ad campaigns for Fortune 500 companies to music videos, and celebrity portraits to short films our business is continually evolving.

Some of our production services include:
Creative Concepts, Storyboarding, Writing, Location Scouting / Management, Talent Sourcing, Make-up & Hair, Set Design, Wardrobe, Styling, Sound Engineering, Pre Production and Post Production

We offer the following visual services:
Photography Production, Film Production, Advertising Campaigns, Commercials, Editorial Campaigns, Cover Art, Music Videos, Promotional Campaigns, Documentary Films, Narrative Films, Fashion Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Editorial Photography, Celebrity Photography, Portrait Photography, Commercial Photography, Advertising Photography and Product Photography

Mike Haller